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FrameMaker and Acrobat Distiller experts, please help!

I'm working with FrameMaker 6.0 and Acrobat Distiller 4.05.   I create the
.ps file in FM, then open the .ps file in Acrobat Distiller to create the
pdf.   It looks as if it is processing nicely, and then at the very end of
the log messages, I get this:

%%[Page: 29]%%
%%[Page: 30]%%
%%[Page: 31]%%
%%[Page: 32]%%
%%[Page: 33]%%
%%[Page: 34]%%
%%[Page: 35]%%
%%[Page: 36]%%
%%[Page: 37]%%
%%[Page: 38]%%
%%[Page: 39]%%
Processing epilogue.ps...
Done processing epilogue.ps.
% [ Warning: The following Names in Name Tree Dests were not defined ] %
Distill Time: 83 seconds (00:01:23)
**** End of Job ****

When I look at the pdf, though, it all looks fine.   What is causing that
warning message?  How do I solve it?  And do I need to look for something
wrong in the pdf?


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