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Re: More on the reports I am working on


Another idea since it does appear that you see the problem in
print as well as on the screen:

In the regions of the document in which you have your numeric
tabular data, globally replace the regular spaces with what
FrameMaker calls a "numeric space" (otherwise referred to in the
biz as a "figure space"). It may be keyed via "Esc space 1 (one)".
Another alternative is the non-breaking space keyed via "CTRL space".
These special space characters may force FrameMaker into proper
spacing behaviour.

        - Dov

At 12/4/2002 05:25 PM, Dov Isaacs wrote:
>This sounds so familiar. I am trying to remember what I once did to
>fix something like this.
>Some ideas to try in the following order:
>(1) Are you sure that it prints with improper alignment as opposed to
>just displaying with improper alignment? If it prints OK, either just
>ignore the screen display or you might want to look at your setting for 
>"DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics" in the maker.ini file if you have this 
>setting defined at all (no it isn't documented in the FM).
>If Yes, change to No. If No, change to Yes. If it isn't defined in your
>maker.ini file, try each value in succession and see if one or the other
>fixes the problem.
>(2) Turn OFF pair kerning for the Paragraph Style in which you are
>using Courier and columns of numbers. Theoretically, this "shouldn't"
>make a difference since Courier supposedly doesn't have any pair
>kerning data defined.
>(3) Alignment for the Paragraph Style in question should be "Left"
>or else attempts to justify text will vary the spacing between words.
>        - Dov


>At 12/4/2002 04:50 PM, Sharon Burton-Hardin wrote:
>>These financial reports are text from Word. The letters, numbers, etc are
>>all aligned using the space bar. (I didn't do this and the budget does not
>>allow for redoing the reports as other things, like screen captures or
>>putting the text in tables).
>>They come into Frame OK, but sometimes the columns of numbers do not align
>>on the decimal. They seem to be a half space off. The decimal on one line is
>>right above the space between .0 on the line below it. It does this both in
>>print and on screen so it is real.
>>Courier 6 point font, no kerning, no additional spacing, very vanilla.
>>The alignment is very important to the client as the training from this
>>manual focuses on the reports examples. This is high visibility and the
>>decimals need to align.
>>Any ideas? I can change to other couriers if that will help.
>>Sharon Burton-Hardin
>>CEO, Anthrobytes Consulting

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