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Re: More on the reports I am working on


This sounds so familiar. I am trying to remember what I once did to
fix something like this.

Some ideas to try in the following order:

(1) Are you sure that it prints with improper alignment as opposed to
just displaying with improper alignment? If it prints OK, either just
ignore the screen display or you might want to look at your setting for 
"DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics" in the maker.ini file if you have this 
setting defined at all (no it isn't documented in the FM).
If Yes, change to No. If No, change to Yes. If it isn't defined in your
maker.ini file, try each value in succession and see if one or the other
fixes the problem.

(2) Turn OFF pair kerning for the Paragraph Style in which you are
using Courier and columns of numbers. Theoretically, this "shouldn't"
make a difference since Courier supposedly doesn't have any pair
kerning data defined.

(3) Alignment for the Paragraph Style in question should be "Left"
or else attempts to justify text will vary the spacing between words.

        - Dov

At 12/4/2002 04:50 PM, Sharon Burton-Hardin wrote:
>These financial reports are text from Word. The letters, numbers, etc are
>all aligned using the space bar. (I didn't do this and the budget does not
>allow for redoing the reports as other things, like screen captures or
>putting the text in tables).
>They come into Frame OK, but sometimes the columns of numbers do not align
>on the decimal. They seem to be a half space off. The decimal on one line is
>right above the space between .0 on the line below it. It does this both in
>print and on screen so it is real.
>Courier 6 point font, no kerning, no additional spacing, very vanilla.
>The alignment is very important to the client as the training from this
>manual focuses on the reports examples. This is high visibility and the
>decimals need to align.
>Any ideas? I can change to other couriers if that will help.
>Sharon Burton-Hardin
>CEO, Anthrobytes Consulting

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