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RE: What's the "dream machine" for running Frame?


OK, you twisted my keyboard!!

I have posted TWO, count them TWO, of my presentations on creating PDF
on the Adobe User-to-User Forums in the "Adobe FrameMaker" forum.
Go to <http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx?14@@.ee6b312> and you
will find two permanent topics (that don't allow responses!).

The first has the downloadable PDF file of my presentation at the
2002 FrameUsers Workshop and the second has the PDF file of my 
presentation at the 2002 PDF Conference West. (Note that these are
hefty PDF files, each over 100 "slides" long and between 3 and 4
megabytes each!)


        - Dov

At 12/4/2002 03:00 PM, Aiken, Jason wrote:
>> And so does everything that I put in my presentation at the FrameUsers
>> Conference.
>mumble grumble...I was afraid that was the only place the information existed in a nicely done PDF. 
>If attending the conference is out of the question for an outcast Frame Templar, is there any other means by which to acquire your article on the subject?
>Can you share your paper on the subject? Will you? Do you require another fan mail letter? Dinner the next time you're in Minneapolis, MN? What?!
>If you can't do it, I understand. Your past email messages should suffice in my campaign to persuade MIT to alter their standard image.
>Take care,

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