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re: super computer

Yes, I was being facetious!

FrameMaker gains little from "hot cards" other than
in the ability of the system to paint images into the
video memory faster. Very little of the graphics that
would be displayed in FrameMaker are of a nature that
GDI can take advantage of any special graphic card
features. Obviously, CAD/CAM, 3D, and other special
rendering software can and does attempt to take advantage
of graphic card acceleration features.

Photoshop in fact takes very little advantage of such
features as most of its display function is simply
plastering pre-built image to screen. To whatever degree
a video card accelerates that access, Photoshop or any
other application displaying images gets a "win."

        - Dov 

At 12/3/2002 12:55 PM, Sean Brierley wrote:
>I dunno. Some of the CAD/CAM stuff I've had to deal
>with and OpenGL 3D images seem to benefit from having
>a quick card.
>As does Photoshop.
>Stability is my main pursuit in getting a video card,
>though. I like my Matrox G550.
>--- Dov Isaacs <isaacs@adobe.com> wrote:
>> Buys you precious little unless you are playing
>> games!   (8^)>
>> Disk and/or network speed are critical when dealing
>> with extensive
>> referenced graphics.
>>         - Dov 

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