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Re: Linebreak in paragraph number

You can't insert a carriage return code in the Autonumber sequence.

There are a number of workarounds, however.

[Shlomo Perets]
	1. Set a left tab on the right margin (drag it to the right until
it does not move any further)
	2. Your autonumber format should include a tab character (eg 
X:Example\ <n+>\t)
	3. The paragraph text (xxx xxx xxx xxx... ) should start with a 
space, which is placed on the right margin (it does not appear at the 
beginning of the line).

- This space cannot be inserted automatically as part of the
autonumber definition, it has to be entered physically at the beginning
of the paragraph text;
- The space must a regular space (a non-breaking space will not do);
- If Smart Spaces turned on, you have to turn it off to be able to
insert a regular space at the beginning of paragraph.

* [Jeremy Griffith]

Just type Ctrl-Enter at the start of the para. One or two (if
you count Ctrl) keystrokes, and it's obvious if you forget...

* [Jan Henning]

You can usually get a similar effect (depending on what exactly you 
want to achieve) by using linked paragraph definitions. To get the 
effect in your example, you would need two paragraph definitions. Lets 
call them Sample1 and Sample2.

Sample1 would include the autonumbering definition "Example <n+>" 
(or whatever produces the desired autonumbering, sans line break), 
be defined as "Keep together with next paragraph", and specify 
"Sample2" as the next paragraph tag.

Sample 2 would be the paragraph for the "xxx xxx xxx" text in your
example and would not need any special settings.

When you enter text, you create a new paragraph, make it a Sample1
paragraph, and then immediately press return. This gets you the 
desired effect, requiring only one return per paragraph more than if 
you could include line breaks in autonumbering.

On 2 Dec 2002 at 9:40, Peter Desjardins wrote:

> Is there a way to include a carriage return in a paragraph's number? 
> I want a paragraph number to appear on one line and then the paragraph
> text to appear on the next.  Using "\n" in the Autonumber Format field
> for the paragraph doesn't work for me.
> Is there a code for the linebreak character that I should be using?

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