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Incrementing piggybacking sets of numbered lists

We're beginning to preface figure names with "Figure #:" labeling (which
I've defined as part of the numbering formula in the PixCaption tags, as I
call them). These figures are scattered throughout a document. I never know
when I will format a different numbered list (for example, procedure steps)
between two figures.

How do I deal with the last item in a numbered list (I already have a <n=1>
in a list's 'first' tag and <n+1> in a lists 'next' tag? I suppose I need a
'last' tag, too, because the figure which appears somewhere below this list
is numbered as if its the next step, rather than the next figure.

In other words, the flow is exemplified as:

blah-blah copy 
fig 1
blah-blah copy 
fig 2
blah-blah copy 
fig 3
blah-blah copy 
fig 4
blah-blah copy
blah-blah copy 
fig (should be 5 but is labeled 4)

I had thought that the totally separate sets of tags would have managed this
somewhat intrinsically, but I was wrong...

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