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RE: Frame to Acrobat problem: Huge PDF files

Good point Thomas, but I have to say it's not a case of "may".  Reg marks
will definitely increase the file size by a large amount.  I forgot about
that one too, when I wrote Elizabeth yesterday off line.  And it's an easy
checkbox in the Frame Print dialog bod to miss.  I've done it myself.

Another thing I forgot to mention.  Printing in color will increase the file
size too.  So will increasing the resolution (from 600 to 1200 DPI, for
example).  Also changing to a printer driver like Linotronic ( I had one
very large OEM customer that required us to use the Lino driver.  Huge PS
PDf files.



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> If it's the same files and you haven't changed any Distiller
> options, the causes can be:

I forgot one thing:
* Having registration marks turned on when printing may increase
  PDF size significantly.

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