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Re: Please, please help - Distiller problem

Hello Sybil,

I'm not sure exactly what you're doing when you say you're using Distiller to
create a PS file, but here are some thoughts:

About the "font information changed": Windows pretty much always causes that
message when you change printers. As long as you've got the doc fonts installed
on your system, don't worry about it.

As for the rest, here's the usual checklist:
1. On your list of printers, you should have a printer called (by default)
Acrobat Distiller. Furthermore, don't add this printer using the Windows
"Printers" mechanism, use the Adobe printer driver.  I believe that installing
the full Acrobat product should properly install your Acrobat Distiller printer.
If not, go to the Adobe site, click Products, Downloads, Printer Drivers, Windows
and download it. Once you've got AdobePS installed, you run setup.exe from that
directory to add a printer. When installing the Distiller printer, use the latest
Acrobat Distiller PPD for the printer and print to the PDF port.

2. From FrameMaker, choose Print and in the Printer field of the Print dialog,
choose the Acrobat Distiller printer. Make sure Print Only to File is selected
and that the target filename ends in .ps. (If your system's default printer is
not PostScript, the default file name will have a .prn extension, which you have
to edit. I believe someone has said to make Distiller your default printer, but
FWIW, I don't do this.)

3. Once you've got the .ps file, feed it to Distiller. If the association is
correct on your system, you can double-click the .ps file to do that, but I often
prefer to open Distiller and make sure that the correct Job Options profile is
selected. Then I choose Settings, Job Options and cruise through to make sure I
know what's happening.  Then I use Distiller's File, Open or just drag the .ps
file onto the Distiller window. If you've set the "View PDF when using Distiller"
option, the PDF opens as soon as it's distilled.

One thing that caused crashes when I was working on NT4 three years ago was the
Distiller printer's "Optimize for Speed" setting. To check or adjust this, go to
your list of printers and get Properties on the Acrobat Distiller printer.
Display the PostScript tab and look at the "PostScript output format" field.
These days I seem to be able to use the "optimize for speed" setting, which I
believe Dov recommends, but in at least one environment, I had to choose
"Optimize for portability" to prevent crashes at distill-time.

You mention something about "default paper size": If this is an issue, know that
there are two places where this has to be set correctly. You choose a paper size
in FrameMaker itself, but then in Distiller choose Settings, Job Options and
click the Advanced tab. There's a Default Page Size area that has to be correct.


Rhea Tolman

Sybille Sterk wrote:

> Dear Experts,
> I've looked through the archives, trying to find an answer. I've also
> checked the Adobe web site, but could not find anything at all to fix my
> problem. Someone suggested to check the default settings for my default
> printer to ensure that the default paper size is the same as the one I am
> trying to print to PDF. This still did not fix the problem. I am at the end
> of my wits!
> The config is Windows 2000 with FrameMaker 6 and Acrobat 5. If I try to use
> Distiller to create a PDF file, FrameMaker just locks up. I've tried also
> to print to file (.PS and .EPS) using Distiller, not surprisingly the same
> happens. I've printed to .PS using a different PS driver, that worked fine,
> PDFMaker works, too.
> However, there are two things which might cause the problem:
> - My default printer is currently not connected.
> - I've recently installed Photoshop and a trial version of Paint Shop Pro.
> (The .PS file association is still with Distiller, I checked.)
> Could any of this cause the "Font information changed" problem?
> Is there any other option but re-installing Acrobat?
> Would it help to install the new universal PS driver from the Adobe web site?
> Please help!!!
> TIA,
> Sybille
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