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Stupid Question, I'm sure, but...

I've been looking around for days on how to generate a list of the actual 
<<file names>> if the images in a couple of books.

I inherited a book with an image file folder of over 400 images in it, but 
only about 80 are in the book.

Is there any way other than copying the name from the properties dialog box 
to get a list of the active images to get the folder down to a manageable size?


Allen Schaaf
Sr. Tech Writer
Fourelle Systems, Inc.

Who says bad manuals aren't a risk to your life?  Just ask the passengers 
of the jet where the engine caught fire because the company's maintenance 
manual was wrong about how to install one key bolt.  (NTSB Report on GE CF6 
engine fire, American Airlines flight 574, July 9, 1998. 

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