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Problem with fontdisplay on UNIX, 2

Hi framers

Thanks for your answers, special thanks to Thomas Michanek and Matthias
Schlaepfer, but I still have no solution for the font-problem.
Here some more informations:
I have no *.bfont and no *.abf files of the font. FrameMaker displays wrong
characters on the screen, when I use special characters like aumlaut or
As a test, I replaced the *.pfa with the *.pfb-file of the font and changed
the fontlist-file accordingly. Then the correct characters were shown on
screen, but they are no longer properly scaled (they have a fixed size
regardlass of the defined fontsize). I generated the *.pfa with
fmAdobePCFont and with two different versions of t1ascii (from t1utils).
All programs produced the same *.pfa-file.
I think, we cann't use the psres-installation procedure for fonts on our
AIX boxes.
I think it is really a FrameMaker problem, since I can use the fonts with
ghostscript and with the graphing package Grace (which uses t1lib). Even
the printed output form FrameMaker is correct.

Any more ideas? Thank you very much.
Matthias Dillier

Here my first mail regarding this problem:

I just installed a PS-Typ-1 font on UNIX (AIX 4.3.3) for FrameMaker 6.0. I
updated the fontlist file and uploaded the *.afm and *.pfb files from a PC.
Then I converted the *.pfb to *.pfa with the fmAdobePCFont program.
Now I have the strange problem, that some characters of the upper half of
the charactercodes are not correctly displayed by FrameMaker. The font uses
a fontspecific characterencoding (but it is only slightly different from
Adobe Standardencoding).
The characters are printed correctly. I have no problems with the same font
with FrameMaker 6.0 on NT 4.0.

I have no afb-Files of the font.

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