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Permanent position for technical writer in Melbourne Australia

Dear Framers

If you are looking for a permanent tech writing job, live in Australia or
have an Australian working permit, and have well-developed Frame skills, you
might be interested in a position in the aviation industry with a subsidiary
of the Boeing Company.

You must have:

* ability and experience in producing clear, concise and targetted user
documentation—user manuals, reference manuals, installation manuals, etc—in
a deadline-driven environment

* advanced Framemaker skills (PC or Unix), version 5.5 or higher, and
experience creating and modifying PDF files

* considerable experience as an all-round technical writer (5+ years)

* working knowledge of common Microsoft Office tools

* thorough understanding of the editing process (its goal, what an editor
looks for, how corrections are conveyed, etc)

* experience in the capture and modification of screen shots

* ability to work effectively and harmoniously in a team, and individually

* mature interpersonal skills.

You can find out more about the job at www.abelard.com.au/jobs.html

Contact me directly, or send your CV to cv@abelard.com.au

Those who have already applied for this position via www.seek.com.au need
not re-apply.

Best wishes for 2002,

Geoffrey Marnell
Principal Consultant
Abelard Consulting Pty Ltd
PO Box 7188,
Gardenvale, Australia, 3186
Mobile: 0419 574 668
Fax: (+61 3) 9596 3625

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