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XP 'Patch' Leaves Door Wide Open

The upshot is that the patch offered by Microsoft has been found wanting by 
the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center (www.nipc.gov), warning 
users that the Microsoft patch was insufficient.

To read the complete article, including how to download the Microsoft patch 
as will as the free 3rd-party utility that really fixes it, go to:


This is the lead-in to the LA Times news story:

XP 'Patch' Leaves Door Wide Open


Some companies keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Microsoft has been leaving security holes in its operating systems for 
years, and as soon as it fixes one hole, it opens another.

Well, it has opened up a doozy with its latest operating system: Windows 
XP. On Dec. 20 the company acknowledged a flaw that allows "attackers to 
execute arbitrary code" on any Windows XP machine connected to the 
Internet. In other words, if you use Windows XP and if you're on the Net, 
you're a sitting duck: Hackers could erase your files, invade your privacy 
or plant software that could cause problems later on. The company took the 
unusual step of issuing a warning with what it called "Maximum Severity 
Rating: Critical," urging that users immediately download a software 
"patch" to fix the problem.

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