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formatting page numbers in TOCs and IXs


Using FrameMaker 6.0 on Windows 2000. Recently upgraded from FrameMaker 5.5.

I want to control the format of page numbers generated in the TOC and IX

In 5.5 I did this when I set up the generated files in the book file. It was
simple and it invariably worked. I could specify a prefix (1- , 2- , etc.;
A- , B- , etc.; I- [for IX] ), OR I could choose not to specify a prefix. If
I did not specify a prefix, page numbers generated from the TOC and Preface,
which use continuous Roman numerals (iii, iv, etc.), were generated
correctly, without a prefix.

In 6.0 I control the format of generated page numbers using the Numbering
Properties dialog box. Can it really be the case that the only way I can get
the page number formats I want is to set the Chapter property to Text and
use the <$chapnum> variable to display whatever text I've typed (as well as
text I have NOT typed, i.e. I've left an empty box for Preface numbers that
don't want a prefix) in the Chapter box?

This smells unpleasantly like MS Weird to me! Too much "autothinking". 

Can anyone tell me what I've missed?

Walter Gallant
Principal Technical Writer
Vality Technology Incorporated
617 338-0357
wgallant@vality.com <mailto:wgallant@vality.com> 

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