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Re: More automation discussion

From: "Rich Rochelle" <rrochelle@amcc.com>
> I write technical documents that use a lot of block diagrams (we use
> Visio, then save as .wmf).  These diagrams are imported by reference
> into several documents.  The problem is that the diagram can occur in a
> LOT of documents and so when I update the diagram, it's easy to forget
> to update every document that it occurs in.

But you do import the diagrams by reference, don't you? Then you don't
need to update the documents manually; each time a document is opened or
printed, the diagrams are automatically replaced with the new version.

Or is it the case that you need to edit or print out every document
where a diagram is used, as soon as it changes? Then you can use
FrameScript (not on UNIX), or run a shell/Perl script on UNIX to at
least get a list of documents where the diagram is used.
(You could also create a List of References file in each book you have.)

From: "Rick Quatro" <rick@frameexpert.com>
> Switching to Unix will not help because FrameScript does not run on Unix
> (Mac and Windows only), and you cannot use .WMF files with Unix FrameMaker.

The latter is not true; there are WMF import filters in UNIX FM. How well
they work in practice, I don't know. Do you know, Rick?

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