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RE: unavailable fonts

> Questions:

Take a look at my web page:

But here's a few short answers:

> 1. Is there a way to search a file for fonts that were substituted when the
> original was unavailable?

Yes, use the Character Format option in the Find dialog, set everything to
As Is (shift+F8) and select the font from the Family option. You would have
to search Body, Master and Reference pages separately, and you're not
guaranteed to find all instances anyway (more info on my web page).
If you want to search for the original font, make sure the preference
"Remember missing font names" is turned on, save to MIF, and search the
MIF file.

But don't spend too much time tracking down the fonts. You should solve
the basic problem instead: what fonts are unavailable, and why?

> 2. Where can I see the fonts that are supported by the Acrobat Distiller
> printer driver?

In the PPD file. But this isn't really that important.

> 3. Is there a way to avoid this nonsense when switching between printing to
> a file (for PDF) and printing to a printer?

Yes. Install the fonts that are missing on your computer. Really.
Or let FM permanently replace them with other fonts, if that's an option.
(You must then have the "Remember..." preference turned off)

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