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Windows XP Vulenrable to Hacker Attacks

This is running on the AP wire.  As described below, a hacker can get 
control of the OS whenever a user connects to the internet.

Windows Vulnerable to Hack Attacks

Thursday, December 20, 2001; 1:19 PM
WASHINGTON  Microsoft's newest version of Windows, billed as the most 
secure ever, contains several serious flaws that allow hackers to steal or 
destroy a victim's data files across the Internet or implant rogue computer 
software. The company released a free fix Thursday.
A Microsoft official acknowledged that the risk to consumers was 
unprecedented because the glitches allow hackers to seize control of all 
Windows XP operating system software without requiring a computer user to 
do anything except connect to the Internet.
Microsoft made available on its Web site a free fix for both home and 
professional editions of Windows XP and forcefully urged consumers to 
install it immediately.
The flaws, discovered five weeks ago by independent security researchers, 
threatened to undermine widespread adoption of Microsoft's latest Windows 
software, which many hope will be an economic catalyst for the sagging 
technology industry.
The company sold more than 7 million copies of Windows XP in the two weeks 
after it hit stores Oct. 25.
 2001 The Associated Press

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