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Re: Help with Yukky Formatting Request


> Last week I sent a client some sample layouts for a new technical
> manual. Today, they sent me feedback and requested I put page numbers in
> a "black circle with reversed text at the center of the page."

There have been a number of replies to this problem, but all of them assume
that the page number has to be in the same paragraph as the other footer

On a master page you can have as many background text frames as you like.
So the simple answer to Katharine's problem is:

1    Create a special para format called PageNo with centred alignment and
colour set to White.

2    Put a black disc, big enough to accommodate all the digits of the
largest page number, on the page where the folio is required.

3    Put a background text frame over the black disc.

4    Change the default para format in the text frame to PageNo.

5    Insert the Current Page # variable in the text frame.

The folio will always be centred over the black disc.


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