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Re: Importing Visio drawing into FrameMaker

Hello Eliram,

You can also import Visio drawings into Word (Windows) docs, save as RTF, 
then import the RTF into Frame. The Visio drawings become WMF files that 
can be copied into other documents.

One caveat here--print the results to make sure callouts are positioned 
properly. Sometimes this conversion causes text to overrun bounding boxes, etc.

Good luck,

Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
ISBN 1-930597-01-0
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>Subject: Re: Importing Visio drawing into FrameMaker
>From: enunn@documentation.com (Erich Nunn)
>Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2001 17:46:21 -0500
>X-Message-Number: 9
>Hi Eliram,
>There are a number of different ways to achieve the result you're asking 
>for.  The procedure I recommend is as follows.
>It assumes that you have access to the full version of Acrobat 4:
>1. "Print" your Visio drawing using the Acrobat Distiller printer instance.
>2. Open the resulting .pdf file in Acrobat (the full version--not Reader)
>3. Crop the .pdf file as necessary, and choose File > Export > Postscript 
>or EPS...
>4. Choose Postscript level 3, Binary, and embed all your fonts
>5. Click Save.
>You can then import the resulting .eps file into your Framemaker document.
>The prodedure is similar for Acrobat 5, except that I think you use File > 
>Save As instead of File > Export (I don't have a
>copy of Acrobat 5 on this machine).
>I hope this helps; let me know if you have any followup questions.
>12/9/2001 10:02:34 AM, Eliram.Braudo@infineon.com wrote:
> >I am on FM 6, Windows 2K.
> >
> >What is the proper way to import a Visio drawing into Frame?  In Visio, does
> >the drawing have to be saved in some special format that Frame can
> >recognize, and what is this format?
> >
> >Saving the Visio drawing as PDF did not completely solve the problem.
> >Importing the PDF, I could not get it to fit on my A4 page size.  For some
> >reason, the Imported Graphic Scaling dialog box does not show up, so I
> >cannot resize the graphic according to different DPI settings.  Using the
> >Graphics --> Scale dialog box did not help in reducing size.
> >
> >Any help on this will be appreciated.
> >
> >Eliram Braudo
> >Technical Writer
> >Infineon Technologies Development Center
> >Tel-Aviv, Israel
> >

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