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Mac OS X versions and Frame 6?

Dear Framers,

My husband needs to upgrade from 9.1 in order to resolve some issues
with a digital camera.  He uses FrameMaker 6 (and an old version of
Photoshop 4 lite), and I've heard a little about OS X issues versus
Adobe products generally. I don't have time to research right now, but a
Yule upgrade may be in the works and Frame has got to remain running. 

So, what Mac OS versions support Frame 6?  9.1, I know. 9.2, I presume.
What about OS X?  10.1?

and I trust the LaserWriter 8 (or X) works with it? 
Any gotchas on Frame plus the ol' reliable LaserJet 4MP, while we're at

I'm on disability for a bit and it takes me 4 times as long to hunt info
right now, so thanks in advance to the Mac-Framers here. Please email

Deborah Snavely