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Font Handling Feature for Frame7 Re: [PDF] Common font family in Word, Frame and Unix?

As the resident Font Guru on the Framers Lists, perhaps you could push this idea
at Adobe.

This might not entirely make sense, but:
Instead of giving a dumb 'Missing Fonts' error and giving no more info other
than 'reformat using available'. Why not give dynamic font handling?
When missing fonts are encountered, a dialog with all available information on
the missing font is shown. In the same dialog, the user then chooses from a list
of available fonts for the replacement and whether to remember that particular
missing font or not. The font replacement pair should also be able to be chosen
as the default replacement (get rid of having to delve into the ini file).
If a default replacement font has already been chosen for the missing font, it
is already chosen in dialog (allowing the user to accept the default or choose
If all missing fonts have a default replacement, the process could be sped up by
the user selecting 'use defaults' and only new missing fonts going through this
When remembering missing fonts, some mechanism should allow the files to be
opened on a computer with the missing fonts but that has the replacement fonts
with only an acknowledgment required.
Also, If it is possible to identify which fonts are computer resident and
printer resident have a FrameMaker option that allows you exclude printer
resident fonts from the available font lists.

Eric L. Dunn

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