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FOSbrowser won't download [was 'process each character in a paragraph']

David, Michael:

> > >>  On Michael MH's site, you may want to get his great
> > >>  FOS (Frame Object Structure) Browser.
> > >>  <http://cap-studio.de/tools/fosbrowser.html>
> > >
> > >I downloaded this program, unzipped it and ran it.
> > >I am now unable to run it again.
> > [...]
> > Do you have FileMaker Pro installed on your machine?
> No. I didn't realize I needed it. Is that program available
> at Cap-Studio?
> I tried to download the FOS zip file again and now WinZip
> reports the file as not being a valid zip file.

Like David, when I download FOSbrowser it occurs suspiciously fast to save
a file of only 96 Kibi, compared to the file size of 1.540 Kibi advertised
on Michael's site at <http://cap-studio.de/tools/fosbrowser.html>.

Do we need FileMaker Pro?  Or can we just get a FileMaker Pro runtime from

For those who came in late, FOSbrowser helps you understand the structure
of FrameMaker documents, great if you are FrameScript or FrameMaker SDK
programmer.  Also see
<http://www.wideman-one.com/gw/tech/framemaker/index.htm> for diagrams of
book and document structure, plus the freeware MIFbrowser for diagnosing
problems in those ginorhumungous MIF files.

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Help Workshop 4.74 build 8702.0, HTML Help 1.31]


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 This happened
each time I downloaded the file and attempted to open it.

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