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PDF access from compiled context sensitive html help

Hi Framers

We are creating online context sensitive html help. The help is installed on
the user's harddisk together with our Windows-based GUI. 

We contemplate to give the user access to the pdf file of the whole manual
from the online help by having a pdf icon or a small book icon in all the
headers of the online help. When you click on the icon the pdf version of
the manual is intended to open. Alternatively ar front page is to be
displayed where you can choose to 

*	Open the pdf manual
*	download Acrobat Reader
*	Click on important topics

Question: Do you use icons in online help to invoke pdf documents? Please
feel free to send me any screen shot of you GUI with pdf access via icons.
Best Regards

Verner Andersen
Documentation Manager
BarcoNet A/S
Tel +45 39 17 08 85
Fax +45 39 17 00 10

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