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Acrobat 5 changing text/line weights in PDF

I know this isn't a Quark list but perhaps someone here can help 
since it does have to do with Acrobat and there are some Acrobat 
gurus inhabiting this list. My deadline is today and I've exhausted 
my meager knowledge.

I've just PDFd a file using Acrobat 5 where the text and line weights 
(underlines and text boxes) should not vary but do when viewed in 
Acrobat Reader 5.0. When viewed in Acrobat Reader 4.0, this is not 
the case although some other things do appear such as lines which, in 
the native application join but do not cross another (have blown it 
up to several hundred percent to check), appear to cross in Reader 
4.0 although not in every case. This has _not_ happened before and 
I'm at a loss to understand why it is happening now. Anyone know why 
and how it can be corrected?

I'm using a Mac 8600 with G3-500 MHz upgrade, OS 9.1, Quark 4.04 & 
4.11, Acrobat 5.0 and Acrobat Reader 5.0 & 4.0. The PDF file is 
compatible with Acrobat 3.0. Fonts are nothing exotic, generally 
Helvetica and Times New Roman PS and are embedded.



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