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Re: PDF conversion problems

Hi George,

Except for Steve Marshall's plug-in suggestion, I haven't seen replies to 
this, so I'll chime in.

Always start debugging Frame-Acrobat problems by checking your system setup 
and method. That's especially true given your symptoms--wrong colors, 
fonts, etc.

1. Are you using the correct AdobePS driver for your OS? Is it the most 

2. Are you Saving As PDF or printing to the Distiller printer? (There's a 
right answer here, and a wrong one.)

3. Did you create the Distiller printer using the latest AdobePS and the 
correct PPD?

Continue to post if you still have problems. I'm on digest here, so feel 
free to add me to the distribution.

I'm also reposting this to the Framers lists; maybe someone has a dead-on 
answer for these problems.

Good luck,

Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
ISBN 1-930597-01-0
On sale at www.bn.com

>I created a document in Frame 6.0 and converted it to PDF using Acrobat 5.0.
>I have following problems with the PDF document:
>1.  All of the headings in color in the Frame document have been converted
>to black and white in the PDF document.
>2. The font sizes in the Frame document have been made resized to be by 2-3
>points smaller per tag in the PDF document.
>3. The frame template is  7X9 but every time I print the PDF version  on
>91/2x11 paper I get a message that states the paper in the printer is too
>small. The PDF version still prints though
>Any suggestions for any good books on Acrobat 6.0?
>Help!! :)

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