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[Q] Graphic Formats and FrameMaker display speed

I'm curious about the relative speed differences with which 
FrameMaker opens documents, depending on the graphic format of the 
images in the document.

I use FrameMaker+SGML 6.0 for Macintosh. I picked a chapter file to 
test that was typical of the computer training docs I work with; a 
54-page document with 75 imported screen snaps. I created 3 versions 
of the same document with the graphics all converted to one of the 
three graphics formats I was testing, and then re-referenced the 
images: I tested one chapter with all PNGs, one with all PCXs, and 
one using TIFs.

   - The document which referenced 75 PNGs opened in 58 seconds.
   - The document which referenced 75 PCXs opened in 12 seconds
   - The document which referenced 75 TIFs opened in 2 seconds

The speed of moving from page to page corresponded to the speed of 
opening, although not quite as exaggerated.

In your collective experience, is this disparity approximately 
similar across platforms?

Since there are some process-related reasons why we are considering 
using PNG format, is there any expectation that PNG will be better 
supported in FrameMaker 7?



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