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SGML Unique IDs

We currently have a documentation set in which multiple IDs are identical. We
are lucky in the fact that no external cross-references are used so the fix
consists changing the ID attribute and then changing the various REFID
attributes to the same.

My questions are:
Is there any way to have FM generate the new ID value?

My idea was to create a book of all files then just systematically change all
IDs and REFID attributes. Roughly as follows:
-For each file in book parse elements and:
  - Find ID attribute
     - Put old value in list
     - Generate new value << but how?
     - Apply new value
     - Put new value in list
  - Find REFID attribute
     - look for old value in list and get new value
     - apply new value

Has anybody ever developed a utility or script to ensure IDs are unique and then
update those that are not?

Eric L. Dunn

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