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RE: reg exp for changing line feed character

Hello Jenny,

you could try ["<br>","UMLineFeed", replace]

if you define a user macro called UMLineFeed containing \n you might find
that the replace works correctly 


Peter Dawes
Vodafone Ltd.

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Subject: WWP: reg exp for changing line feed character


I know this isn't exactly related to FrameMaker, but I hope there are some
people on this list that also use WWP and are willing to help. I have tried
the user forum on the Quadralay site but haven't received any responses.

The problem is this: 
I use WWP for converting FM files to HTMLHelp, including text popups
(ActiveX). I guess this works as expected, but since the popups are
text-only, I need to remove the HTML tags. Or to be more specific, I want to
change "<br>" to "\n" (line feed), and this is the tricky part. I think I
know how to write a regular expression for this
but WWP keeps adding and extra \ (backslash): \\n in the code which displays
as \n in the popup. I have tried several ways of writing the reg exp, for
example \\n and [\]n but WWP keeps adding the extra backslash. I have also
tried to change the character mapping for backslash, but no luck. Do you
know if it is possible to change this or if it is some kind of feature or

It is really annoying. Alternative, but not so tempting, solutions would be
to remove the <br> entirely or to run some script outside WWP. Or to use one
of the alternative popup solutions that exist, but this would mean a lot of
work with defining new formats in WWP, if it is possible at all. Do you have
any ideas?

Windows 2000, FrameMaker 6.0, WWP Professional 6.0.7

Best regards



Jenny Bergwall
Technical writer
Telelogic, S:t Persgatan 13, SE-753 20 Uppsala, Sweden
Phone: +46 18 66 18 67
Fax: +46 18 66 18 70

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