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Automating the Find command

Title: Automating the Find command

Does anyone out there have much experience using F_ApiFind? I am trying to search through documents for any text that is in bold. I don't seem to have much luck setting up the find parameters. So far I have the following:

//allocate and initialize 'findParams'
findParams = F_ApiAllocatePropVals(2);
findParams.val[0].propIdent.num = FS_FindCharFmt;
findParams.val[1].propIdent.num = FP_FontWeight;
findParams.val[1].propVal.u.sval = (StringT)'Bold';

I got Bold from the list of FP_fontWeightNames available in the session, I also tried substituting the index into that list instead of the name of the fontWeight.

According to the FDK in order to find FS_FindCharFmt  it has "No associated property. One or more of the following additional properties should be specified to tailor the search" and there follows a list of values such as FP_FontWeight or FP_FontAngle etc.

I am relatively new to both C and coding using the Frame SDK so I am really unsure of what the FDK means. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Sue Mitchell
Writing Support Specialist
Cognos Inc
613-738-1338 x5461

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