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Standard checks to debug figure numbering that increments, then restarts at 1 instead of continuing to increment

Software: FrameMaker 6.0 (the original FCS version, no updates) on
Solaris 2.7.

I have a Figure paragraph tag with an autonumber defined as:

F:Figure <n+>\t

The numbering starts out at 1 and increments correctly in the first
portion of the book. However, in a later chapter the numbering starts
again at 1 and increments from there (again correctly after the
restart). Problem is I want continuous numbering throughout the entire
book, but this doesn't happen even after I update the book numbering.

I changed the paragraph definition to use a different series letter (Z:)
just to be safe, imported the new definition from that one book chapter
to all the others (with remove page breaks and other overides enabled),
and updated the book again. Still, figure numbering starts again at 1 in
the later chapter and in the same place.

Would someone be willing to remind of the usual checks I should perform
where my thinking may have gone awry? (I should add that the document
was originally created by someone else, so I'm not certain what they
were up to as they did it.)

Ezra Steinberg				Resonate, Inc.
Senior Technical Writer			385 Moffett Park Drive, Suite 205
mailto:ezra@resonate.com		Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1208      USA
Voice: 408.548.5529			FAX: 408.548.5679

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