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Q: Page Orientation in FM 6.0

Greetings all...

We're having some interesting problems with page orientation. In essence, we
need to place some sizable tables onto landscape pages (in the middle of
portrait pages). We've tried creating a new master page with the appropriate
rotation then attaching it to the page/s holding the table. That part seems
to work, but we're getting printed output with no change in the orientation,
despite numerous experiments. Printing direct to the printer or via PDF has
no effect. In fact, things look even worse when generating a PDF document.
And yes, we've followed the instructions in the book!

Are we dealing with a weird configuration issue?

We're running: Win2000, FM6.0, HP 4050-N printer

Any solutions, hints, words of wisdom are gratefully accepted.

Geoff Bradbury
Technical Writer
RSA Security Australia Pty Ltd
Tel: +61 7 3227 4470
Mob: 0419 626 758
Fax: +61 7 3227 4400
email: gbradbury@rsasecurity.com.au

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