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Not for the faint of heart: Text Inset Problem

Hello Framers,

I have a problem with a text inset that will not update automatically. The
only way it updates is if you double-click on it to display the Text Inset
Properties dialog box and click the Update Now button.

Other text insets in the document do update automatically.

When looking at the MIF, there is one difference in the properties. The one
that won't update has <TextInsetLocked Yes>. The ones that will update have
<TextInsetLocked No>. This property is undocumented in the MIF manual. When
I edit the MIF in a text editor and change the property to <TextInsetLocked
No>, and open the MIF file in FrameMaker and save it as a binary document,
the text inset will now update as it is supposed to.

Note that this property in the MIF is NOT the same as the FP_TiLocked
property that is documented in the FDK (or FrameScript's TiLocked property).
Changing the FP_TiLocked property of the inset does not change its ability
to automatically update.

The obvious question is, how does this MIF TextInsetLocked property get set?
Is there a way to access this property through the FDK? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing
716 659-8267

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