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Re: OT: Dmitry Sklyarov detention/arrest

Here's a good one for ya...

HP is guilty of violating the DMCA because you can buy an eBook (or some 
other copyrighted digital material, for that matter), then print it on 
one of their printers... or with software you can copy a CD on one of 
their RW drives.  As far as I can tell, that's pretty much equivalent to 
what this Russian product does...  You can buy an eBook, then save a 
copy as PDF.  Saints preserve us in the face of such pernicious technology!

As far as I know, a person or company isn't liable for providing the 
technological means to break a law.  One has to use the technology in an 
illegal way before the law is broken. 

What cracks me up the most is the way the dinosaurs get skittish 
whenever they see a mouse crawling out of a hole.  Back in the world of 
actual problems, there's an asteroid heading toward their planet.

Cheers              cud

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