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sorta-OT: schedule-tracking program

Hi crew,

I'm looking for a program I can use to do scheduling for a 
smallish doc group (three to six people at two or three sites). 

We've got three or four releases in the works, with more on 
the way, and I really need something to let me look at timelines
on all of them at once. 

* Each release has a different doc set.

* Each doc set includes a user's guide and two release notes 
  at a minimum. 

* The user's guide is the same for all the releases.

* The two release notes are UNIX and Windows installation info,
  generated from the same file via conditional text, and their
  content changes slightly with each release. 

* The rest of the doc set can vary substantially from one 
  release to another, but typically includes at least one other
  release note and one target guide. 

* All the release notes and target guides all have conditional 
  text, since the same base Frame files are used for several 
  different variants. 

So I need something that can help me track which Frame file is 
going to be needed for which project and when.... and something 
that can deal with schedule dependencies like code freezes and 
hardware deliverable dates that change, thus changing our 
release-to-production dates......

Suggestions, anyone???

(please reply on the framers@omsys.com list, since I'm not on
any of the other lists!!)


Ananda Stevens

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