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Tools question: Scenario for multiple outputs and validation of input

Hi Framers

Here is a description of how we work today and how we imagine the future
could be. Today we are seven techncial writers all working with FrameMaker
on the Windows NT platform.

*	Framemaker export to pdf for paper and "online" use.
*	Conversion via MIF2GO and MS HTML help Compiler for context
sensitive help

*	Paper manual (via a pdf file)
*	Online manual in html/XML format on the web
*	Context-sensitive help in html format
*	Validation of input via a dtd
*	Possibly use of meta-information on the web. For example display of
the online manuals belonging to a specific software 
*	version.
*	Possibly multiple displays of the same manual. For example extract
all the procedures in a manual and present them to the user

Which of the below scenarios do you recommend? Or do you have an alternative

1. FM+SGML, XSLT stylesheets and compiler. 
The paper manual will be made by creating a pdf file. The online manuals via
XSLT stylesheets and the online help via XSLT stylesheets and a help
Comment: FM+SGML is rather difficult to learn to use. It only supports XML
via a mapping filter. It is rather expensive. 

2. FM+SGML and Webworks Publisher.
The paper manual will be made by creating a pdf file. The online manuals and
help via Webworks Publisher.
Comment: This is seen to work for other companies. The after sales support
from Webworks Publisher is said to be really bad. The learning curve of
Webworks Publisher is rather steep.

3. XMETAL and a compiler for online manual and help, and export to FM+SGML
for paper (pdf)
Comment: XMETAL is cheap, flexible and much easier to work with than
FM+SGML. The support is said to be good. You can have instant view of your
XML/html output in a browser. As far as I know you cannot create automatic
TOCs and Indexes. In this context FM+SGML is used as a output engine for
paper manuals.

4. XMETAL and a compiler for online manual and help, and conversion to pdf
via Xrender and FO.
Comment: A conversion from XMETAL to the pdf format may be difficult to
implement. It may be difficult to change the paper/pdf layout once a
conversion filter is made.

Best Regards

Verner Andersen
Documentation Manager
BarcoNet A/S
Tel +45 39170866
Fax +45 39170010

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