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Re: FrameMaker 6.0

>I am using FrameMaker 6.0 and cannot get my
>chapter numbers to auto number.  When I build my book, all of the chapter
>numbers revert to Chapter 1.  When I look at the format for numbering, it
>resembles: C:Chapter <n+>\t
>Can you provide me instruction on setting autonumbering for running

Hi Lorelei,

Hedley is right about the new <$chapnum> variable in document files.

The problem you're seeing at the book level is most likely in the *book* 
settings for Numbering Properties for the chapters of interest. (Chapter 
number prefixes are no longer used.)

Check in the Book File window that the first chapter number is set to "1", 
and all the rest are set to "continue numbering".

To get to Numbering Properties for the first chapter, select (highlight) it 
in the Book File window, right-click, choose Numbering, and set chapter = 1.

To get to Numbering Properties for all the rest at the same time, select 
(highlight) all of them in the book file (a nice feature, yes?), 
right-click and choose Numbering again, and set chapter = continue.

It gets a little getting used to, but it's fast.

Hope this helps,

Tom Neuburger

The Masters Series: FrameMaker 6
Revised from Mastering FrameMaker 5

Foundation: Building Sentence Skills

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