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RE: Finding Paragraph Tags with Format Overrides

Peter asked:
>Is there a way use the Find/Change feature to find paragraphs within a
>chapter that have format overrides? In other words, I want to be able
>find paragraphs that are tagged "*Body" but not "Body". Any ideas?

I don't know a way to do what you describe. However, depending on where
you need to go AFTER you find these paragraphs, here's what I've done to
fix things quickly.

1. Apply the current template to clean up any altered Body tags.
	Import paragraph tags from the Current document and check Remove
Manual Overrides.
or to do ONLY Body tags
	Find all paras tagged Body, and change by pasting the copied
correct Body tag.	

NOTE:	Most often I find this one desirable; it's a lot quicker for me
to put a file into facing-page view and shrink it to show spreads and
then re-scan for pagination than to fiddle paragraphs one by one. If
there's a possibility of losing some complex Word-created fussy code
layout or something, then do this on a COPY of the file and check your

2. Clean up specific frequently used overrides.
	Examine such a paragraph for character styling that's different,
	Find its characteristics as a character format, and Change by
pasting the desired tag.

3. Find any altered paragraph and examine its characteristics to see if
need to add a tag
to those in the current template to cover common uses.
	Open the file, point my eyeballs at the tag field in the bottom
window border, 
	and hold down the down-arrow cursor key while watching it
flicker. Release and
	tap up or down at need to identify quickly. Feels like grunt
work but goes 
	surprisingly quickly, even on a bunch of files in a large book. 

That's all I can think of, offhand. I've used Find in a lot of creative
ways, over the years, when faced with long and tedious tasks, and I do
wish I could save FrameMaker searches (cleaning up hand-typed numbers in
Word procedures created without styles requires me to run four different
but closely related searches, for instance...six if they used lettered

Deborah Snavely
Document Architect, Technical Publications, 
Aurigin Systems, Inc. http://www.aurigin.com/ 

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