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NOT Off-Topic: RE: file line feed inconsistencies (NOT just Illustrator, BTW)

Hi all--

> files saved in Windows receive the line feed (LF) and 
> carriage return (CR) characters when they are viewed in a 
> text editor. In Word Pad, they show as solid black 
> characters, but in other editors such as vi, they show up as 
> control M's.

Oddball behavior of LF/CR characters isn't just an Illustrator problem. 

And yes, you can blame it on Windows, sort of.

Windows and UNIX and Mac use different line-ending characters. When you 
view a file with non-Windows line-endings in WordPad and save it, 
WordPad adds in new Windows-style line-ending characters. 

And then the files get corrupted.

Rather than WordPad or NotePad, use a non-Microsoft text editor that 
can deal with UNIX-style line-ending characters. The two that I have 
installed here are:
  -  Programmers' File Editor, aka PFE (regrettably discontinued, but
       still available; search www.google.com to find downloads)
  -  UltraEdit, available from www.ultraedit.com

When you want to save a Frame file as text, the Save As Text dialog
includes Encoding options for UNIX, ASCII, ANSI (Windows), and Mac.
Frame then adds the appropriate OS-dependent line-ending characters.
And when you open a file and choose Text from the Unknown File Type
list, you get the corresponding Encoding options from the Reading
Text File dialog. 

We create "read me first" files for software that can be installed
on UNIX or Wintel machines. And we always have three of them: one
with UNIX line endings, one with Windows line endings, one in PDF.

--Ananda Stevens


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