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FrameMaker Issue

I am still waiting for management to upgrade this site to FM 6.0, so don't
have access to the User Guide at the moment.  However, I am designing a new
template that relies on FM 6 capabilities.

Can someone tell me if the Running H/F 1 variable can be defined as


to create a three-decker running foot.  I know that \r inserts a hard line
break okay.

But will the builder scan backwards THROUGH SEVERAL FILES to pick up the
PartTitle text from the part title file?  (I know that it is now possible
to split chapters over several files and presumably the running heads and
feet somehow extract the appropriate chapter title from the first chapter

I want to create this effect:

     A N C I E N T   I M M I G R A N T S  // Part title
     The Asian land bridge                // Chapter title
     Influx of Tasmanian aboriginals      // Section heading

Any advice from current FM 6 owner very much appreciated.


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Hedley Finger
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