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FW: FM classes

I would highly recomment these classes.

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Subject: Re: FM classes

Hi Erica,

At this time, we're offering public classes in North Carolina only.
We are planning 2001 classes in Boise, Idaho, which I suppose is
*almost* on the West Coast (at least it looks that way to me from

You might consider an on-site, private class. These are typically
cost-effective if you have three or more people who need training.

I would love to put out FM6 for Dummies, but that decision is up to
the publisher (IDG), and they haven't been particularly enthusiastic.


Sarah O'Keefe

>Do you ever teach classes on the west coast?  I am most interested in FM 6,
>but would like to know about the availability of other classes as well.  I
>would also like to know if you plan to put out a FM 6.0 for Dummies - if
>Thank you,
>Erica Chapin

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