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GIMP TIFF won't display in or print from Win FrameMaker 5.5.6


I have been capturing screens with Snag It and saving to TIFF.  If I open
in GIMP, edit, and save to TIFF, FrameMaker can neither display nor print
the graphic when it is imported.  I have tried NO compression and all the
other options except JPEG.  One difference is that GIMP allows you to add a
comment to a TIFF, unlike most other programs.  I suspect it adds a null
comment even when you delete the contents of the Comment box in the save

I prefer TIFF for colour reproduction.  Saving as PNG causes FrameMaker to
create its own FrameImage bitmap for display.  I do not have the resources
conveniently to hand to determine whether the PNG facet or FrameImage facet
is used for printing.

Does anybody know of a filter/converter plug-in that saves in a TIFF
variant format that most other  graphics software understands?  Or any
other workaround to get to TIFF?


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