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Pet Peeves WAS:Re: footnote misconceptions

>>But as I keep pointing out, Word and
>>Nisus on the Mac could format footnotes correctly in the 80s (as well
>>as providing fully automatic endnotes and (Nisus at least) the
>>ability to switch  between the two types of presentation of notes
>>with one or two clicks).

But how many features didn't these applications have? Do they still offer
correct formatting of footnotes? As complexity grows, it's difficult to say how
easy it is to add functionality. It's also hogwash to say that just because it
was easy to implement in one system it would be as easy to implement in another
one. Sometimes adding functionality breaks previous functionality. Making it
work again is sometimes extremely difficult. (Look at 'Freeze Pagination' works
great until you use multi page tables and floating frames) While from the
outside it may be frustrating to not see our 'pet' functions being fixed, but
let's face it, there has to be a good business case to commit the resources for
the fix. Indeed, Framescript may offer a solution along the lines of keeping
markers with footnotes. Pay a developer to find out and then try to recoup the
costs by selling the plugin.

Adobe bashing certainly won't convince anyone at the targeted company to go to
bat for you. And the missives on the list that read as many do certainly don't
start threads off with a positive outlook. This isn't the only thread that even
just recently has an undertone of condescension about it. Take the following for

>>A major drawback of FrameMaker is
>>that it does not allow you to work in
>>double-spreads as every other respectable
>>desktop publishing program does.

Which 'other respectable desktop publishing' software does? 'Major drawback' for
whom? And as I wanted to point out with the first part of this post, why start
by bashing? Why not discuss the feature required, how other programs implement
it, and how you think FrameMaker should implement it. If the post is more
positive or at least starts politely maybe someone at Adobe will investigate. If
you can define a large enough market you may guarantee at least an
investigation. If enough interest is shown on the list perhaps one of the plugin
developers will give it a try.

Eric L. Dunn

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