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RE: resizing PDF files?

Ron asked how to resize PDF files to print 8.5 x 11 at 7 x 9 in a hurry
without mucking with Frame files.

Run your calculations to see what percentage of 7/8.5 or 9/11 is the smaller
and hence critical limitation. 
Choose the smaller percentage.
>From the Frame book file, print your postscript code to file, select
Properties/Setup or whatever the heck it is with your exact printer and
driver (ideally, of course, it's the Acrobat Distiller printer driver, but I
won't go into that), and change the scaling from 100% to the percentage you
Open in Acrobat Exchange I mean Acrobat (Gah, Adobe, why change the name of
a tool after three releases? I can't talk about Acrobat at ALL any more) and
check whether or not you need to crop white space. But the content should be
the exact size you need.

I've used this trick to make 50% of PowerPoint slides in PDF that are then
the page-by-page copies of the slides in the training manual for the course
and import-by-ref so that the trainers can update slides at will as long as
they quit the relevant Frame file first. 

Anyway, the point is that I worked the math to figure the size output I
needed, and exactly that math worked great in Acrobat. 


From: Ron Nelson <rnelson@wavetech.com>
Subject: resizing PDF files?

Hello PDF and FrameMaker Masters!  Is there any way to shrink a PDF without
cropping?  In other words, I have a 200 page book that is currently sized at
8.5 X 11.  We'd like to print and bind it now at a 7 X 9.  Needless to say I
need to do this yesterday so I'd like to avoid resizing the original
FrameMaker file and messing with page breaks, etc.  My original fonts are
large enough that shrinking should not effect it to adversly.

...Relevant info? FrameMaker 5.5.6
		   Windows NT 4.0
	         Acrobat 4.05

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