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Wierd Table Formatting Behaviour

I've noticed that when using certain fonts (for example, Garamond), Frame is
a bit unpredictable as to where it breaks a line inside a table cell, often
breaking the line  even though it could quite easily fit in one or more
words. A bit odd...but here's another table-related anomaly that's totally
flummoxed me:

I have a three-row, two-column table with a heading row. The text in each
cell extends to just one line (that is, there is no word-wrap in any cell).
The author placed a border around every cell, which is not quite to house
style. But when I use the Custom Ruling and Shading dialog to set the ruling
style of the left and right edge of the table to None, each line in each
cell in the right-most column suddenly displays word wrap, with each line
mysteriouisly breaking before the last word even though there is plenty of
room for the last word on the line.

Anyone know what's going on and how to avoid these line breaks?

Other info: Win 98, Frame 5.5.6, Printer driver set to Acrobat Distiller,
Table Font: Garamond.


Geoff Marnell

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