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Shell script for removing FrameMaker debris files

Surely I don't have to reinvent the wheel?  Surely some kind soul in
FramersLand has already written a shell script for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000
which, given a starting directory, walks down the subdirectory tree
recursively and tautologously to remove all the unwanted *.backup.fm,
*.backup.book, *.auto.fm, *.auto.book, *.recover.fm, *.recover.book, and
*.lck files left behind at the end of a project?  Surely this kind person
is so wonderfully generous as to publish the script on the framers lists?

Perhaps this kind person has a counterpart who has done the same for
Macintosh and UNIX?


Hedley Finger
Technical Communications/Technical communicator and FrameMaker mentor
MYOB Australia <http://www.myob.com.au/>
P.O. box 371   Blackburn VIC 3130   Australia
Tel. +61 3 9894 0945
Mob. +61 412 461 558

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