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Re: Re Special X-Ref format

Excellent idea, Lester. That'll work perfectly. Thanks. And likewise thanks to Fred for the confirmation.


>>> Lester C. Smalley <lsmalley@inf2.infocon.com> 11/07/00 03:21PM >>>
Colin -

You can't "downgrade" the true capitals.  BUT, what about converting to
all uppercae, but at a smaller point size?  Create a character tag to
force all uppercase, and set the appropriate font size, and specify 
this in the Cross-Reference format.

| Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2000 15:10:45 -0800
| From: "Colin Green" <cgreen@illuminet.com>
| Framers,
| Is there a way to format a cross reference to appear completely in small
| caps, when the source text has both initial caps and lowercase letters?
| That is, can the initial caps be somehow suppressed? 
| I formatted a ref using a small cap character format. I then referenced
| text that contained initial caps. In this scenario, the lowercase glyphs
| translate to small caps while the initial caps translate to uppercase.

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