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Re: MIF Files

"Jeremy H. Griffith" wrote:


> If this isn't possible, because the editor insists on using
> Word and is also the boss's son, the next best workflow is
> to use Mif2Go to make a Word doc.  Turn on Word's revision
> tracking.  When you get the edited file back, open it in
> Word and look at the changed areas.  Copy and paste as Plain
> Text only to bring new material into your Frame document;
> handle *all* formatting in Frame.  


You may even be able to do this without the editor knowing what
revision tracking is. 

(For example, a large number of school teachers work for us as
contract writers, and they typically have very good subject knowledge
but only beginner to intermediate word-processing skills; we have to
make word processing instructions suit the lowest common denominator.) 

When the edited file is returned, use Word's Compare Documents feature
to see what has changed since the Word file was supplied to the
editor. Then, as per Jeremy's suggestion, carefully edit the FM source
document based on the results of the doc compare. 

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