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Re: Reading the runes

Mark Barratt wrote:

>Those of us who have been pressing Adobe for some kind of strategic
>intent statement about FrameMaker might be encouraged by this:
>FrameMaker is mentioned.
>So their hearts are in the right place - no details on how the vision
>will be implemented, though...

Warning... rank speculation on details follows....

I suspect that Adobe will add export filters (or in the case of
Frame, a WWP project) to their products. These filters/projects
would write XML that conforms to one or more well-defined XML DTDs.
And (here's where the partnerships come in) various presentation
devices would extract only the info that it can use -- for example,
a WML cell phone would ignore graphic or video media (although it
might attempt to extract a sound track) -- and present it in a
manner best suited to its abilities.

In this highly speculative vision, Adobe Studio is a completely
separate initiative -- but needs the common Network Publishing
DTDs to make it all work. Collaboration requires common protocols
and languages, after all. I'm using Frame, Joe Bloggs is using
InDesign, but it doesn't matter anymore.

Maybe FrameMaker has found its real niche at last....


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