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Re: SOLUTION: Random character substitutions


Which Windows OS and driver are you using? We at Adobe are
NOT aware of such a problem with the latest versions and
conversion of TrueType fonts to "outline" (which is effectively
unhinted Type 1) yields degraded quality. Specifics, please?
If in fact you are running Windows NT 4, I suspect the problem
goes away with Windows 2000 which is NOT PostScript brain-dead
as is Windows NT 4.

        - Dov

At 11/2/00 03:48 AM, Thomas Michanek wrote:
>Two days ago, I had problems creating PDFs, even though I seemed
>to be doing everything right (see original problem below).
>Thanks to Andreas Berghauer <Andreas.Berghauer@t-online.de>,
>I found the solution:
>For the Acrobat Distiller printer instance, I selected
>Document Defaults > Document Options > PostScript Options and
>changed TrueType Font Download Option from Automatic to Outline.
>All fonts and characters are now coming out as expected!
>There are a few odd things, though:
>* Before, when I logged in as myself, both Type 1 and TrueType
>  fonts came out unreadable. When I logged in as root, the
>  Type 1 fonts came out fine. I can swear I used the same
>  software installations and settings in both cases...
>* My previous printer driver used for setting up the Acrobat
>  Distiller printer instance (don't know which version), handled
>  the download option Automatic perfectly fine. The latest Adobe
>  printer driver doesn't, for some reason.
>* Why would an option regarding TrueType fonts also affect Type 1
>  fonts? (they *are* Type 1 fonts according to the PDF file)
>Anyway, it works fine now!
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>Thomas Michanek, FrameMaker/UNIX/MIF expert
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>> I'm an experienced FM user and have rarely had any problems
>> creating PDFs from my FM documents. Today, however, all PDFs
>> I create become garbled with random character substitutions...
>> In the body text, seemingly random letters become dots, squares
>> and completely different characters, making the document unreadable.
>> My specifics:
>> Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5
>> FrameMaker 5.5.6
>> ATM is *not* installed
>> Print to PS file using Acrobat Distiller printer
>> Distilling PS file with Acrobat Distiller 3.02
>> Distiller job options: Compressing text and line art,
>>   Embed all fonts, Subset fonts below 35%
>>   (changing these options have no effect)
>> Viewing PDFs in Acrobat Reader 4.0
>> FM documents use either TrueType or PostScript fonts, i.e.
>> it doesn't matter what fonts the documents use.
>> I've created PDF files using this same configuration without
>> any problems in the past. Noone else has access to my machine.
>> The only change is that I installed a new Acrobat Distiller
>> printer instance using the latest Universal Installer 1.0.2
>> (AdobePS 5.1.2) and the ADISTILL.PPD version 1.1.
>> Before doing this, I deleted the former Acrobat Distiller printer
>> instance, which I think was the one working OK...
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