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Re: Windows to FrameMaker font entries in .INI?

---------------------- Forwarded by Eric Dunn/MTD/BTG/Bombardier on 2000/10/31
12:23 ---------------------------
Seeing as so much grief is experienced by so many with regards to Font
substitution (missing fonts etc..), I would think this is a prime candidate for
an enhancement request for the next version of FrameMaker. (Perhaps someone
could make a plug-in meanwhile)

How about an interactive GUI driven font substitution interface? Instead of
being presented with a dumb no-choice message box, I would propose the

When a document is opened that contains unknown/unfound fonts:
- A message box appears: "Document contains Unknown Fonts/Use Default
Substitutions?" Yes/No
If yes is selected, previously defined substitutions are carried out.
- A message box appears: "Remember missing Fonts?" Yes/No (This is only
applicable to previously defined substitutions)
- For each undefined Substitution (or all fonts is first answer was No): Box
containing the name of the missing font and a list box containing all fonts
available on the system. The box includes a check box "Remember Missing Font".

Eric L. Dunn

PS: The next version of FrameMaker should do away with requiring the User to
play with ini files. Menus should be added with check boxes, radio buttons, or
lists (as required) for setting all the options that currently require an arcane
knowledge of the ini files.

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